Make a directory called video and place place all video files within that directory.


Determine the dimensions of your video file, then create a Flash document the same size and save with a generic file name. You will use this as a starting template for other videos. Now do a Save As and name the file with its final name.


Import Video:


Choose the file from the video directory to import into your Flash document. You will get a series of dialog boxes asking you to make several choices. Most of these can be left as the default selections. Firts, choose "Progressive download from a web server". It says this in the notes on the right: This deployment requires Flash Player 7 or later. Progressive Flash delivery lets you stream the video using HTTP streaming. This option will convert the video file import to a Flash file, and configure a Flash Video component to play the video. Note: You need to upload the Flash Video file to a web server manually. This option always places a Video component on stage....next....


There are five tabs in the dialog box at this point.


  • Encoding Profiles: Flash 8 - Meduim Quality (400kbps) - DEFAULT
  • Video; Encode video-checked. Video codec-On2VP6. Frame rate-Same as source. Quality-Medium. Max data rate-400kbps. Key fram placement-Automatic (ALL DEFAULT)
  • Audio: Encode audio-checked. Adio format-MPEG Layer III(MP#)(no choice). Data rate-96kbps (stereo) (ALL DEFAULT)
  • Cue Points: Don't touch
  • Crop and Resize: Don't touch


Next we choose a skin. It doesn't matter which one we choose since the real choice will be made in Dreamweaver.


Lets finish up with Flash. You should have already saved the file with its final name so you can go ahead and save it again after you publish it. This will crteate, among other things, a .flv file with the final name. This is the file you will use in Dreamweaver.





Insert Flash Video on a new page.


Progressive Download Video. Browse video. Choose skin. Enter width and height. Choose Auto Play (or not).


Once this process was completed, I added some style to a

that contains the video and a PHP variable for the file name so that I could use the same code through out the website for multiple videos. I simply declared the variable at the top and used the code as an include on the page I wanted it on.