Web Development

I have been designing since 1995 in various forms and for several different mediums. Silk screens, magazines, direct mail, newspapers and websites cover most of the bases of my career. Web design was a "hobby" of mine from the time I purchased my first MAC back in 1997 when I lived in Arizona (hence the name "Salt River Graphics"). I started experimenting with PHP and MySQL in 2003, and by late 2004 I launched HungryBurlington.com with the help of a couple of friends. I went on to create HungryVT.com the following year using the same basic premise on a state-wide level.

Since then almost all of my work has been centered on websites and web advertising. I continue to expand my knowledge of programming languages and design trends while working for my clients so I can continue to offer new and exciting features to enhance their web presence.

Most of the websites I've built over the years have been from scratch, using Dreamweaver for coding. For the last two years, I have also been using Joomla , which offers several free and inexpensive extensions to their framework. While many of these third party extensions work well "out-of-the-box", most need some customizing (commonly called hacks) to either fit the need of the website or to work as intended.


Joomla Websites

Windows and Doors by Brownell

Windows & Doors by Brownell

The challenge with this site was changing it over to Joomla site from a static site without sacrificing SEO or changing the layout too drastically. The client was extremely pleased with the look and functionality of the website. Their sales manager can now make updates and create promotion on the website by herself thanks to the Joomla CMS and some instruction from SRG.


Jarvis, McArhur & Williams

Jarvis, McArhur & Williams

They needed a website after a reorganization among the firm's partners. I worked with the Brooks McArthur to come up with content that was compelling and helpful to prospective clients. Through a couple of interviews I came up with a questionnaire for him and Paul to fill out, since they were the experts in their field. Once I had the content, I sprinkled strategic keywords through out the text for search engine optimization. I also developed a low cost AdWords campaign to help the site gain traction in the first few months after the launch.


Public Option or Bust

Public Option or Bust

This is a site I made during the late summer of 2009 as the town hall meetings across the country were being overcome by so called Tea Party activists. I used this website in conjunction with a Facebook page to expose lies and put pressure on certain members of congress. I attracted over 100 fans to the page.


NewNorthEnder Wards 4 and 7 Burlington VT

New NorthEnder

I made NewNorthEnder as part of my campaign for Burlington City Council in 2008. I have since used it from time to time for various issues confronting the New North End, including the flooding in early 2011.



Websites from scratch:

HungryVT.com - Vermont Dining Guide


HungryVT.com is a dining guide for the State of Vermont that allows restaurants to be in control over their own listings and menus. The site is navigated by the public by drilling down to their desired locationby region, county and town. The public is also encouraged to submit reviews of restaurants, making the information on the site even more useful. HungryVT.com is also a SEO masterpiece. Google vermont restaurants and you'll see what I mean.




This is where Hungry started. The listings, reviews and ads are pulled from the same database as HungryVT.com


how.nrgsystems.com what.nrgsystems.com
where.nrgsystems.com why.nrgsystems.com

NRG Systems

My work at Marketing Partners doesn't usually involve design, but when this project started we short staffed and under a tight deadline. These "micro-sites" are each based on print ads that were already designed. Depending on the amount of content, jQuery tabs with Google Analytics event tracking were used to save space in the layout.


Three Tomatoes Trattoria

Three Tomatoes Trattoria

Hungry's former MVC (Most Valuable Client). When we took over their website, they were averaging about 20 visitors a month and the design was sub-par. According to our Google Analytics, they now average over 100 vistors a month and the client is VERY happy with their design. The horizontal pop out menu was a special request from the client. He saw a Flash site that had the effect and wanted something similar. Using Flash for a navigation menu is bad SEO, so the challenge was to recreate the effect using CSS. Their restaurant menu is served from the Hungry database. Three Tomatoes came under new management and decided to change websites in 2011.


SiteBuilder - by saltrivergraphics.com


SiteBuilder is a homemade CMS that uses TinyMCE for adding and editing content and has a customized template selection system. I made this to serve a need for my clients who have simple websites that they want to update, but don't want the confusion that Joomla's administrative section can create.


Silver Images - Vermont Wedding Videography

Silver Images

This site makes extensive use of Flash for video samples.