What is Search Engine Optimization?

Simply put, it's optimizing your website to come out on the top of the lists of the major search engines when people search for something you provide. Whether it's information, products or services you provide the public, you want to increase your visibility. Good SEO dramatically increases traffic on your website and is much more cost efficient than traditional advertising. Even if you don't sell anything on your website, brand recognition alone makes SEO a smart business decision.

How Does SRG Do SEO?

The first thing that needs to be established is the target audience. Narrowing your target audience is a necessary step to make sure you are seen on the top of a very long list. Different sections or pages of your website can focus on different target audiences so there is no need to try to reach everybody with every page.

The second part is finding your keywords. Once we have established your target audience(s) and have some idea what they might find useful about your website, we can build your keyword list. When we have our list, we start checking out your competition...who's currently on, or near the top of the lists.

The next few things that we do depends in large part on the mission of the website. Whether it's commercial, informational or personal, dictates a great deal of the process. Plus I don't want to give away any trade secrets.

Do You Have An Example of SRG SEO?

Search for these on your favorite search engine:

burlington vt restaurants, burlington vt dining, brattleboro vt dining, montpelier vt restaurants, etc...

You most likely saw HungryVT.com and HungryBurlington.com on top or near the top.